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ERDOS {Identity + Branding}
Student Project

This project required a name for a company, logo, business card, booklet, and presentation folder.
The company is a communication service provider (television, mobile, landline phones, internet, etc) that provides services around the globe.







Corporate Booklet






Client: erdos: a worldwide communication service provider

Goal: The main focus of this project was creating a corporate booklet that profiled the corporation and what they were all about. The idea is to tell an appealing story to potential investors and partners to promote further development and expansion of the corporation.

Deliverables: A corporate identity which involved coming up with the company name, logo, booklet profiling the corporation, business card, and a presentation folder.




Sketch Ideas for the company's name



- The fundamental message that needed to get across to the target audience was that erdos was all about people and how they connect. Not just the physical, material connections of wires and lines, but the emotional/intelluctual connection between people as well.

- Since the company is a global business, a non-English name was chosen so that it would be both unique and be appropriate for any language around the globe. The name came from a mathematician, Paul Erdos whose friends came up with the Erdos Number system in his honour after his death. The system assigned numbers, according to who knew Erdos directly, and indirectly. The further removed from the relationship, the higher the number, as Erdos himself was zero. The idea is similar to the six-degrees-of-separation, the rule of thumb which states that each of us are only six relationships apart from any other person.

- The logo comes from the idea of Erdos Number and the six-degrees-of-separation; six dots aligned in a circle where connected to convey that idea.

- Orange was chosen for the corporate colour since orange is associated with warmth and energy. It affects people, mentally and physically in that it stimulates activity, appetite, and encourages socialization, which erdos is all about.

- Words that were emphasized in the booklet: friendships, worldwide, vision, future, growth
and being together.




Sketches for corporate booklet